About Me

When I taught second grade, my students and I wrote biographies of each other. My biographer aptly described me thusly:


I would say that’s almost all that you need to know.

*          *          *

When not teaching, you can find me writing— mostly about teaching. My writing, which focuses on children, education, and social equity, has been featured in The Washington Post, Esquire, The Progressive, Edushyster, Curmudgucation, and Defending the Early Years. I’ve taught in a lot of different places— the city and the suburbs, in Boston and in rural Guatemala— and now I won’t shut up about it.


Prior to becoming a teacher, I conducted sociological research at Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. I have a B.A. in anthropology from Harvard University and an M.Ed. from Boston College, where I was a Donovan Urban Teaching Scholar.

Though I’m a California girl by birth, I currently live in New York City with my cunicular cat, Tabitha.